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U-21 Fixtures for Saturday 6th January 2007


St Bernards


Hutchison Vale

Bonnyrigg Rose A



Murieston United


North Merchiston

Edinburgh University


Liberton United

Broxburn Athletic Colts


Heriot Watt

Tollcross Thistle


Cavalry Park

North Berwick Colts


Leith Athletic


U-19 Fixtures for Saturday 6th January 2007


Dunbar United Colts


Leith Athletic

Haddington Boys


Edina Hibs

Hutchison Vale


Cavalry Park



Leith Athletic Colts

Tranent Juniors


Bonnyrigg Rose





Saturday January 6th                                    Under 17 League Cup

Musselburgh Windsor                               V                 Roseburn United                                 

Hutchison Vale BC                                      V                 Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic                   

Tynecastle FC                                              V                 Salvesen BC                                         

North Merchiston BC                                  V                 Easthouses BC                                    

Edinburgh City                                             V                 Edinburgh West                                  

BFC Linlithgow                                            V                 Inch Colts 90                                        

Seton BC                                                       V                 Star A BC                                           

Dalkeith BC                                                   V                 Roseburn Colts                                   


Division 1                                                      Under 17 League

Edina Hibs BC                                              V                 Inch Colts A                                      


Division 2

Cramond FC                                                  V                 Preston Athletic                                  


Sunday January 7th                                      Under 16 League Cup

Fernieside FC                                                V                 Hutchison Vale BC                             

Leith Athletic                                                V                 Dalkeith CYP                                        

Longniddry Villa                                          V                 Loanhead MW                                    

North Merchiston BC                                  V                 Cavalry Park Colts                              

Tynecastle FC                                              V                 Edinburgh City                                        

Edinburgh City Colts                                   V                 Bonnyrigg Rose BC                            

Spartans FC                                                  V                 Pentland Panthers                               

Dunbar United Colts                                   V                 Haddington Athletic                          

Dalkeith CYP Colts                                      V                 AC Oxgangs                                        

Edina Hibs BC                                              V                 Star A BC                                           

Edinburgh East                                             V                 Cavalry Park SC                                       

Peebles FC                                                    V                 Murieston United Blues                    

Preston Athletic                                           V                 Tranent Colts FC                                 

Haddington United FC                                V                 Seton BC                                              


Division 2                                                      Under 16 League

Eskmills BC                                                   V                 Tweedmouth Juniors                          


Division 3

Musselburgh Windsor                               V                 Currie Star                                                


                                                                        Under 15 League Cup

Loanhead MW                                             V                 Musselburgh Windsor                      

North Merchiston BC                                  V                 Fernieside FC                                       

Leith Athletic                                                V                 Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic                   

Hutchison Vale BC                                      V                 Cavalry Park Colts                              

Tynecastle FC                                              V                 Salvesen BC                                         

Edinburgh City                                             V                 Spartans FC Reds                               

Preston Athletic                                           V                 Inch Colts                                             

Edinburgh City Colts                                   V                 Redpath Albion                                   

Edina Hibs BC                                              V                 Dalkeith CYP                                        

Tranent Colts FC                                          V                 Hillfield Swifts                                     

Seton BC                                                       V                 Peebles FC                                           

AC Oxgangs                                                 V                 Pentland Panthers                               


Division 2                                                      Under 15 League

Currie Star                                                     V                 Bonnyrigg Rose BC                                


Division 3

Eskmills BC                                                   V                 Arniston Rangers BC                         



Sunday January 7th                                      Under 14 City Financial Edinburgh Eastern Region Cup

Peebles FC                                                    V                 Tynecastle FC                                     


                                                                        Under 14 John Crawford Cup

Leith Athletic                                                V                 Edinburgh City                                    

Tynecastle FC Colts                                    V                 Hutchison Vale BC                             

Tynecastle FC East                                      V                 Salvesen BC                                         


                                                                        Under 14 Bill Sheridan Cup

Eskmills BC                                                   V                 Dunbar United Colts                          


                                                                        Under 14 Ian Mackay Cup

Fernieside FC                                                V                 Dalkeith CYP                                        

Leith Athletic Colts                                     V                 Musselburgh Windsor                      


Division 2                                                      Under 14 League

Cramond FC                                                  V                 Hunterfield BC                                         

Edina Hibs BC                                              V                 Edinburgh South FC                           

Edinburgh City 93                                        V                 Currie BC                                              

Hutchison Vale Colts                                  V                 Roseburn Colts                                   


Division 3

Musselburgh Windsor Colts                     V                 Dalkeith CYP Blues                                 

Edinburgh City Colts                                   V                 AC Oxgangs                                        

North Berwick Colts                                    V                 Leith Athletic 93                                  

Preston Athletic                                           V                 Spartans FC                                         


Division 4

Lochend YFC                                                V                 Pentland Panthers                                   

Beeslack Penicuik Thistle                           V                 Inverkeithing Hillfield Swifts             

Seton BC                                                       V                 Edinburgh South FC Colts                

Currie Star                                                     V                 Edinburgh City Caley                         

Star A BC                                                    V                 Cavalry Park SC                                   


Division 1                                                      Under 13 League

Edina Hibs BC                                              V                 Salvesen BC 94                                    

Hutchison Vale BC                                      V                 Bonnyrigg Rose BC                                

Musselburgh Windsor                               V                 Salvesen BC                                         

Leith Athletic                                                V                 Dalkeith CYP Blacks                               

Edinburgh City                                             V                 Tynecastle FC                                     

Civil Service Strollers Reds                        V                 Loanhead MW                                    


Division 2

Dalmore BC                                                   V                 Easthouses BC                                    

Preston Athletic                                           V                 Leith Athletic Colts                            

Seton BC                                                       V                 Salvesen Reds                                     

Haddington Athletic                                   V                 Tynecastle FC Colts                           

Spartans FC                                                  V                 Inch Colts                                             

Civil Service Strollers Whites                    V                 Peebles FC                                           


Division 3

Currie BC                                                       V                 Fernieside FC                                       

Dunbar United Colts                                   V                 Cramond FC                                         

Tranent Colts FC                                          V                 Hutchison Vale Colts                         

Edinburgh City Colts                                   V                 Cavalry Park SC                                   

Hunterfield BC                                              V                 Currie Star                                            


Division 4

Haddington Boys FC                                  V                 Dunedin BC                                             

Haddington United FC                                V                 AC Oxgangs                                        

Seton Colts                                                   V                 Pentland Panthers                               

Dalkeith CYP Whites                                   V                 Star A BC                                           





Scottish Amateur Cup 3rd Round                           Referee

  Dalmuir Utd              v  Queensferry

Scottish Amateur Cup 3rd Round

  Penicuik Utd             v  Viewfield Rovers


There are no fixtures scheduled for 23 or 30 December 2006.


Tuesday, 05 Dec 2006


Scotland Under 17s found out their fate in the UEFA Under 17 tournament today as the second round draw pitched them against Germany, Greece and the Republic of Ireland.

Under 17s coach Ross Mathie was at the draw in the UEFA offices in
Geneva, and he knows it will be a tough challenge for the youngsters who must finish top of the qualifying group to reach the tournament finals in Belgium in May.

The group will be played as a mini-tournament in
Germany on 21, 23 and 26 March 2007.

Scotland reached this stage with an unbeaten record in the first round against Bulgaria,
Armenia and Hungary.


Scotland Under 17 Squad
Season 2006/2007, born on or after 1.1.1990

Michael Andrews (Falkirk)
Steven Coutts (Motherwell)
Jonathan Crawford (Aberdeen)
Nicholas Gallagher (Rangers)
Ross Perry (Rangers)
Oliver Russell (Hibernian)
Kenneth Waugh (Hibernian)
Daniel Galbraith (Manchester United)
Sean Kerr (Livingston)
Carlo Monti (Celtic)
Alistair Park (Rangers)
Stephen Stirling (Rangers)
David Wotherspoon (Hibernian)
Jonathan Brown (Heart of Midlothian)
Craig Connell (Celtic)
Gary Glen (Heart of Midlothian)
Michael Graham (Celtic)
Craig McShea (Rangers)

Coach: Ross Mathie


Scotland Under 16 Squad
Season 2006/2007, born on or after 1.1.1991

Grant Adam (Rangers)
James Wood (Manchester City)
Scott Durie (Rangers)
Stephen Forbes (Rangers)
David McAuliffe (Motherwell)
Daniel Wilson (Rangers)
Gregg Wylde (Rangers)
Jamie Ness (Rangers)
Sean Fitzharris (Celtic)
David Love (Heart of Midlothian)
Robert McHugh (Motherwell)
Gordon Smith (unattached)
Daniel Thomson (Heart of Midlothian)
Archie Campbell (Rangers)
Alex Cooper (Ross County)
John Fleck (Rangers)
Michael O’Halloran (Celtic)
Ryan Martin (Motherwell)

Coach: Ross Mathie


2005/2006 WOMEN'S U/19S

Under 19s Nov 05
Back Row

Claire Tait (Hutchison Vale LFC)
Rachel Corsie (Stonehaven LFC)
Ashleigh McCallum (Baillieston GFC)
Leanne Crichton (Whitehill Welfare LFC)
Kathleen Lagan (Arthurlie LFC)
Fiona McNicoll (Forfar Farmington LFC)
Kayley Ralton (Hibernian Saints GFC)
Kerry Montgomery (Hutchison Vale LFC)

Samantha Hare (Hibernian Girls)
Danica Dalziel (FC Kilmarnock)
Hayley Cunningham (Murieston United GFC)

Front Row

Clare Docherty (FC Kilmarnock)
Jane Ross (Paisley Saints GFC)
Natalie Ross (Hibernian Girls)
Kirsty McLaughlin (FC Kilmarnock)
Emma Fernon (Glasgow City LFC)
Frankie Brown (Whitehill Welfare LFC)
Chloe Quinn (FC Kilmarnock)

Coach - Tony Gervaise


Girls Under 17 Squad  

Jennifer Beattie  (Arsenal North LFC)
Jade Blackmore   (Baillieston GFC)
Alannah Chatham  (Aberdeen GFC)
Danica Dalziel   (FC Kilmarnock)
Nuala Deans   (Hibernian GFC)
Stephanie Handley   (Baillieston GFC)
Rachel Harrison   (Hutchison Vale LFC)
Kim Little   (Hibernian GFC)
Kaydee Lowe  (Hibernian GFC)
Roslyn McCallum   (Paisley Saints GFC)
Cheryl McCulloch    (Baillieston GFC)
Molly McKean    (Hutchison Vale GFC)
Caroline McKelvie    (Hutchison Vale GFC)
Lauren McMillan   (Baillieston GFC)
Christie Murray     (Baillieston LFC)
Leanne Reid   (Buchan GFC)
Nicola Ross   (Inverness Caledonian Thistle LFC)
Melissa Stirling    (Aberdeen GFC)

Coach- Tony Gervaise


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